English – University of Copenhagen

A new world of possibilities

- engaging and flexible education with online and blended learning

The Project 2016 ”Online and blended learning” will provide the teachers at the University of Copenhagen with the possibility to extensively use online and blended learning to create engaging and flexible teaching, for the benefit of the students' learning outcome.

Raising competences
By a variety of practical courses about pedagogical and technical use of different e-learning tools, tailored to the specific faculty, the project will create a framework for improving the teachers’ competences. Furthermore, all teachers at the UCPH will have access to individual guidance and support by professional consultants, who are employed at the university’s didactic units.

New and further development of the education and courses
In parallel, the project will stimulate new and further developments in the field through a development track, where innovative projects are carried out by teachers, consultants and the didactic units, across faculties, disciplines and areas of expertise. This track focuses on the development of new teaching models for online and blended learning, as well as on developing games and scenario based education.

Anchoring and dissemination
The project is linked by a number of networks and activities, which intend to gather and share knowledge, both among the project participants and with the rest of the university. One of the main dissemination activities is an annual online and blended learning conference that focuses on exchanging experiences among teachers at the UCPH, as well as putting online and blended learning on the agenda by inspiring presentations and workshops.

The project is funded with 22 million DKK and runs until the 31st of December 2016. Please contact head of KUB Frederiksberg, Marianne Grützmeier (mg@science.ku.dk) for further information.